Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative mental wellness tips

Starts May 5, 2020

Ann Gotshall is Aboriginal Diabetes Coordinator for UNSM. Starting May 5, 2020, ADI will share weekly tips for diabetic patients on how to how to live and maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle, especially during a world pandemic like Covid-19! Simply click on the links below to view weekly tips and exercises, which can also be found on our Facebook page, @UNSMikmaq.

Mental Wellness & Diabetes during Covid-19
May 5, 2020: Mental Wellness & Diabetes during Covid-19.

May 12, 2020: Finding harmony with the Medicine Wheel

May 12:  Have fun designing your own medicine wheel with family!

May 19: Signs of Low Blood Sugar
May 19, 2020: Signs and symptoms of low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, which is a glucose reading of 4 or lower.

May 19:  Treating low blood sugar (hypoglycemia).
May 19, 2020:  Tips for treating low blood sugar  (hypoglycemia).

May 26: A fun follow-up activity to last week's hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar posts.
June 2: Managing blood sugar can be challenging, but can be done with small changes to your diet.  Consider some of these options for meals.

June 9: Get some brain exercise with this Indigenous-inspired nutritional word search!

June 16:  The benefits of drinking water!  Stay hydrated this summer, and cool down with these tips.
June 16:  Are you drinking enough water?  Try a tall glass with some of these flavours.

June 23: Last week we asked if you are getting enough water, so this week we challenge you to drink more of it! 

June 30: Proper foot care (and wear) plays a significant role in managing diabetes. 
We share these tips on how to maintain healthy feet while managing your diabetes!

July 7: Our 10th ADI tip, and last before UNSM breaks for summer, lets you test your knowledge of diabetic foot care. Eight simple true-or-false questions, and an answer key will be posted later in the week!

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