Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Union of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq is comprised of the Chiefs of any Nova Scotia’s First Nation communities affiliated with the association. Presently, five (5) of the 13 Mi’kmaw communities are associated with UNSM. The populations within these communities represent approximately 60 per cent of the registered Indian population in Nova Scotia.

Chief Leroy Denny


Regional Chief ANDREA PAUL


Chief Terrance Paul


Grand Chief Norman Sylliboy

Mi’kmaw Grand Council

Chief Wilbert Marshall


Chief Norman Bernard


Chief Annie Bernard-Daisley


District Chief Alex Christmas


Kji Keptin (Grand Captin) Antle Denny

Mi’kmaw Grand Council

* Mi’kmaq Grand Chief Ben Sylliboy of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council is an honorary board member. UNSI by-laws also allow for the inclusion of additional non-voting representatives to the board from larger Mi’kmaw communities, such as Eskasoni. The Board of Directors hold four (4) meetings annually.