Union of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Mental Wellness Team

The Union of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Mental Wellness Team provides case management and service navigation for First Nations persons of all ages seeking mental wellness services.

We work in collaboration with relevant community and provincial organizations to facilitate access to existing mental health services, and we hope to create improved linkages between existing services and community organizations. This team works in each of the five Unama’ki communities, and Paqtnkek (Antigonish Co.).

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Advocacy Case Management/Service Navigation: Our Advocacy Case Managers role is to meet with you to learn about your specific wellness needs, provide guidance on navigating mental wellness services, to assist you in accessing and utilizing other services, and to serve as an effective advocate when you need one most.

Counselling: Our Registered Psychotherapist has experience working with grief and trauma. He provides one-on-one counselling for youth and adults who are having difficulty accessing community-based or other counselling services in a timely manner. Our Case Managers also help connect clients with other counsellors who are on the NIHB approved list of Mental Health Service Providers. 

Behavioural Support for Children and Youth: Our Behavioural Support Advisor provides behavioural modification planning and intervention with children and youth ages 5 to 18 and their families and teachers.

Traditional Healing Service Linkage: Our Cultural Support Advisor arranges one-on-one or group sessions with community Traditional Healers/Cultural Experts to aid clients in their healing journey and provide resources for development and strengthening of their cultural identity.

Programs and Workshops: We offer a number of standalone workshops and multi-session programs in community. Please contact us to book your group sessions for any of our listed standalone workshops or multi-session programs.

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Empowering Parents to Become Advocates for Their Children

A workshop for parents to learn what it means to be an advocate for your child, and to introduce simple strategies to empower parents to help ensure the needs of their child are met in any environment (i.e. school, doctor’s office, etc.).

Coping with Grief

A workshop for adults that explores the impact of grief, on ourselves and others, by addressing common behaviours, coping strategies, and tips for improving the wellness of yourself and your loved ones.

Compassion Fatigue for Helping Professionals

A workshop for professional caregivers (i.e. home-care, nurses, child and youth workers, crisis intervention, etc.) that addresses how the stress related to these types of jobs can erode a person's ability to function properly, how to recognize compassion fatigue and burnout, and tools and strategies for improved wellness and an effective work-life balance.

Suicide Prevention

This is a workshop for either youth OR adults that address signs and symptoms of suicidal ideation, provides guidance on how to recognize and support others in crisis, and discussed how to take care of yourself when experiencing grief and other powerful emotions.

Mental Health Awareness for Management

A workshop for management level workers to increase their awareness of how to handle mental health related situations that they encounter in their everyday lives and through their roles as management. We will discuss common signs of mental wellness issues (i.e. depression, suicidal ideation) and provide guidance in how to provide support in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner.

Way of the Warrior

This is an evidence-based program that helps people to effectively work with stress, anxiety, and depressed utilizing mindfulness techniques. Participants are assisted in identifying the roots of their suffering and how to develop strategies to let go of harmful habitual patterns. This program can be completed in four (4) one-hour weekly sessions or in one (1) session of 3-4 hours.

Options to Anger

A program for either youth OR adults composed of seven (7) one-hour weekly sessions. This program aims to distinguish between anger and aggression, while teaching the participant how to recognize their early warning signs, and how to interrupt the anger cycle by making the choice not to respond to triggers.

New Paths - Brand New Pilot Program Beginning Soon!

A new program designed by our team in collaboration with several community partners to address intimate partner violence using the Seven Sacred Teachings and emphasis on visuals and storytelling.

Nadia House

Team Lead / Advocacy Case Manager

(902) 539-4107 (ext: 210)


902) 564-2137

90 San'tele'sew Awti – Suite 201, Membertou, NS B1S 0A5

Ayden Pierro

Wellness Support Coordinator

(902) 565-8915


(902) 564-2137

90 San'tele'sew Awti – Suite 201, Membertou, NS B1S 0A5

Cheyenne Paul

Wellness Support Coordinator

(902) 565-8365


(902) 564-2137

90 San'tele'sew Awti – Suite 201, Membertou, NS B1S 0A5

Craig Besaw

Advocacy Case Manager / Counsellor

(902) 919-6077


(902) 564-2137

90 San'tele'sew Awti – Suite 201, Membertou, NS B1S 0A5

Debra Ginnish

Indian Day School Supports Coordinator

(902) 565-8176


(902) 564-2137

90 San'tele'sew Awti – Suite 201, Membertou, NS B1S 0A5

Richard (Buddy) Young

Cultural Support Advisor

(902) 539-4107 (ext: 209)


(902) 564-2137

90 San'tele'sew Awti – Suite 201, Membertou, NS B1S 0A5

Chelsea Googoo

Advocacy Case Manager

(782) 777-0095


(902) 564-2137

90 San'tele'sew Awti – Suite 201, Membertou, NS B1S 0A5

Megan Bowers

Behavioural Support Advisor, Children and Youth

(902) 539-4107 (ext: 209)


(902) 564-2137

90 San'tele'sew Awti – Suite 201, Membertou, NS B1S 0A5

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