Capacity Development exists to help UNSM Mi'kmaq communities achieve success while upholding their cultural values and community spirit.

Our Department's Mission:

To build capacity, skills, and professional expertise in our member First Nations through knowledge transfer

To provide advisory support and assistance to communities to increase their success

To engage with communities to ensure capacity development services are relevant, appropriate, and effective

To unite and bring member communities together to increase effectiveness of capacity development initiatives through partnership and sharing of best practices

1st Strategic Priority for 2020 - 2025: Governance Capacity Support

The mandate of the CD Department is to support the governance capacity development of its member First Nations through knowledge transfer and advisory services. As always, our Governance Capacity services will be at our communities' request and tailored to meet their stated needs.

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2nd Strategic Priority for 2020-2025: Planning Capacity Support

The UNSM Capacity Development team is unable to conduct their work without community buy-in and participation. To work with the communities requires building and maintaining a relationship based on mutual trust, reliance and a respect for each other’s designated role and authorities.

Therefore, as part of the UNSM Capacity Development team’s relationship building with its member communities, ongoing community engagement is a necessary component.

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3rd Strategic Priority for 2020-2025: Infrastructure Program

UNSM Capacity Development team began to pursue infrastructure programs such as the Asset Condition Reporting System (ACRS). This direction was reaffirmed at the board meeting on February 26, 2020. Also, in the spring of 2020, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) approached UNSM to pilot a housing asset project.

These projects necessitated the development of an Infrastructure Program and the hiring a Technical Services Manager to provide the required expertise to properly manage them. A funding proposal was accepted by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to develop the Infrastructure Program and hire a Technical Services Manager to manage these and other similar projects for 2020-2025.

The Technical Services Manager will work with UNSM community staff to ensure the new Infrastructure Program supports their current and future needs. Opportunities will be developed to ensure that community staff are involved in projects and building capacity will be paramount.

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