UNSM Comprehensive Community Planning Support

What Is Comprehensive Community Planning?

Comprehensive community planning (CCP) is:

  • Used as a way to embrace change and plan a better future for communities
  • A holistic process
  • A way to build sustainability, self-sufficiency, and improve governance capacity
  • Community-led – the process is driven and owned by all community members
  • An aid to help First Nations make a positive difference in their communities by addressing specific issues
  • A step towards self-government
  • Sustainable – long-term planning
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How can UNSM support communities beginning their CCP process?

Our Capacity Development team is trained and/or has experience in several areas related to CCP, such as, CCP 101 (basics), strategic planning, facilitation, and community engagement.

To support your communities CCP, our team can:

Who is eligible to access UNSM CCP support?

Generally, UNSM Capacity Development services is limited to UNSM member communities. More specifically, our UNSM member band councils and administration offices. However, UNSM may host sessions such as events, conferences, training sessions that may not be limited to UNSM member communities and that may be open to all or specific groups of community members.

UNSM member communities are:

Comprehensive Community Planning Atlantic Conference

The UNSM Capacity Development in partnership with the Mi’kmaq Confederacy of Prince Edward Island (MCPEI) and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) hosted the 2020 CCP Atlantic Conference on February 12-13 at the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre in Membertou, Nova Scotia. 

CCP Coordinators, Chief & Councils, Band Managers and delegates were invited to attend the1.5 day conference to learn about CCP, hear from other communities that have completed a CCP or are currently in the process, learn helpful tips, get national updates, and participate in breakout sessions.